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Lettre to George Ezra

brian-vane-singer Par Le 24/09/2021 à 00:54 0


you are an amazing guy, always optimistic. You give me strength enough to face  the difficulties of existence, especially living in France, when you're gay, skinny and a wog.

Sometimes I feel I'd like to disappear and I listen to your music and it makes me feel happy. 

So, you're kinda great magician.

Whatever what you think of wogs or gays, whatever even if you are a conservative, you are so cute and you sing wisely and well. 

In a nutshell, you are gorgeous.

Wish I had someone like you as a friend.

Wish I ever had a friend.

But I know noone loves me, this is the tragedy of my life.

Continue to record, to play and to perform and if some day, you wonder why or you doubt of you, remember that I am here to hear from you and your music.


Brahim Megherbi

French artist


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