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May, the 21th

brian-vane-singer Par Le 21/05/2021 à 23:08 0

Lunch with my friend, Mary Ann, who is a talented painter and interested in Aesthetics. Talked about the true nature of art, it does not imitate nature, it helps us to understand what is divine in life. I don't think that morals is associated with art, Baudelaire was a painter of human cruelty. Flaubert in Salammbô depicted scenes of real torture.

Then we went to Boulevard Saint Germain and Mary Ann bought for me a bag with drawings by Keith Haring. She told me that we were alike. I hope it is not the truth. I don't want to die because of AIDS. I do not want to die at all. I know now what is Hell and I have risen out of the ashes just like a Phoenix. I've bought a black bag at Rougier et Plé for the transport of my works of Art.

Then oh it was such a lovely day we went to an art gallery in the Marais to see a friend of us and he invited us to come for a cocktail on Sunday.


Then we went back to Saint Germain at a gallery and we drank one or two glasses of red wine. Even though that is not a fave of mine, I had to admit that it was not that bad. There was this wicked actress who has not done anything since 2014. I'd like not to speak of her but she is so fake and hypocritical behind her smile. And she has this strange habit of plucking her eyebrows in a way that she's similar to a Gorgon. Fok once told her that she had the eyes of a viper and he was not wrong.

Brahim Megherbi / Brian Vane / S. E. B

May, the 21th


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