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May, the 31th

brian-vane-singer Par Le 31/05/2021 à 23:07 0

Books have to be read, not to be burnt.

Although I disapprove of Gabriel Matzneff's practices, I agree with his Italian publisher, Michele Silenzi who defends Vanessavirus.

This work is Matzneff's response to Vanessa Springora's Consent.

The book, translated by Giuliano Ferrara, is the right of reply of Matzneff, who not only explains his pedophile past but who on the other hand delivers a literary text free from the morality of  cancel culture which considers that art should be a matter of ethics.

No, a book can be good even if its subject matter is abominable.

A work of art exists independently of its author. A writer can be abject and deliver a text that is second to none.

Let's separate text and author, we do not have to judge Matzneff as Sade was judged.

Baudelaire, Flaubert, so many others were condemned because they did not respect morals.

Whose name did History retain?

The one of their judges, of these ladies of leagues of virtue who were frightened for so little?

No, posterity has not forgotten the names of the writers because their works do exist beyond moral or artistic conventions !!!

I am not defending the odious Matzneff as a man, I support the author, a fallen star of our time.

Even if I am horrified by his deeds.

Brahim Megherbi /

Brian Vane /

S. E. B


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