Poésie en langue anglaise


Fallen Gods


All the Gods have lost their head

And Man, kin and kindred

The twilight of my Idol

Was an idle Ideal


And I’m in pursuit of things

That make jealous the kings

I ain’t no fan of eighties

I’m obsessed with memories


I was from a world of glitz

Surrounded by beasts

Social violence and blitz


When the Word is forgotten

The world is forsaken


Our colors are tepid

And difference’s stupid

Yesterday, I was in love

Today, dead is my dove


I have wandered in Cyprus

Of the Courtesan Venus

Not a palm tree, a Cypress

The mourners formed a choir


Scattered the ashes

And broken the dishes

God and silver, quicksilver

Iron, tin, lead and cupper

When seven are one

The catamite is a sod


The Gods of Love


The roses tainted of blood

Grow near to Thy rod

Could have drowned in the flood

Am I queer, or am I odd?


The room seems so clean

Mother has been so mean


Father, Thou art in Heavens

Mother will be dead tomorrow

I’ll pray for your children


And I will spread my sorrow

Saw the wings of a sparrow

Cupid has shot his arrow


The gods of Love, they don’t exist

The gods of war, they do resist

They’re lies! Lies! Lies! I said lies

May they rest in peace