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Queers : Claudia

Amidst the strange people I've known in the Factory, there is Claudia. She is an old hag and a drunkard. I've never ever seen a woman who drinks so much but be careful she barks and she bites. She is married with a Spanish translator and she spends time in Ibiza during August. The result? She has a burnt face so she is forced to cover it with expensive make-up usually Guerlain. Does she know what is beauty? No, of course, she is a woman with a lust for power and she fucked her way up. She does not particularly like M.Lorenzo but as she is a hypocritical adder, she will never tell him the truth. She needs him because he owns the Factory and noone else can give her the feeling of belonging to the artistic gotha. What did she do? She gave head for sure and wrote something about Juan Benet. Not interesting at all. But she pretends to have an opinion about art although this not her cup of tea. Younger, when she was living in Paris, near rue de Florbelle, she practiced whoredom and her mistress was no other than Madame Claude, a notorious brothel keeper during World War II. This woman said that people would always pay for two things : sex and food. As she was not a good cook, she prefered enticing girls to prostitution. Claudia, born Fernande, learned wisely and well : she had a gift for deep-throathing. In these years, it was rare. So Madame Claude renamed her Claudia, it was a kind of reward, something important in this shady circles. Noone really knows how Madame died in 2015,  but some said that the so-called Claudia gave her the absolution, by performing a lesbian cunilingus.

I don't know if this story is true. Lying is the rule in this world.


Taken from Queers

Brahim Megherbi Editions - Haus of Golgotha - 2019