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Luxemburger queen


For all the students of the class

I was a nancy boy a poofter

Chiefly for the bully and the him-boes

Also for the most learned

Like HJL who read Italian

The same as English

For instead of talking politics

Or preaching the greatness

Of Education in France

Instead of promoting egalitarianism

Of being a sycophant and hurting

The weak and the poor

Seeing the rise of a new aristocracy

Composed of so-called artists

I asserted my individuality

And I promoted trouble in gender

In a University remained

Patriarchal and klein-bürgerlich

Where Judith Butler was ignored

And the artifice of gender too

I had called myself an androgyne

Because I could adopt

The features of one sex or the other

The girls were jealous at me

The boys loooked at me with anger

the old were confused 

The young tried to ridicule me

As an effeminate fop

French couldn't envision a sex revolution

And Muslims saw me as a libertine

they could think what they wanted

They had made me a sex symbol

Gave me the power of a devil

and the ego of a suffer-genius

Gay whities were perverts

Straights so much concerned

With quickies and threesomes

How would I forget

What I had suffered

Who could be called stainless  

Why do people slaughter

Each other softly

The answer to all these questions

Is the absurdness of the white world.


Brahim MEGHERBI / Brian Vane / S.E.B