I sometimes wonder if I will succeed someday and be recognized as an artist and a writer. I don't care of what people say about me and my quest for fame but fuck! I've worked hard since I was a child for this. But as I am from Arab descent, gay and skinny I shouldn't have the right to express myself but I fuck the codes and the ones who think they have to apply them. It's a long, hard way out of hell but I still believe in it.

I shall become famous, a filthy rich and the world just has to keep its mouth shut. I will learn all my lifelong because art is a painful way. But I don't see why I shouldn't have the same rights, the same ambitions as someone born white.

Fuck the prejudice of French society ! 

If I have to be its dark face, I will be this one. I'm more clever, talented and curious than most of whities and I assert this with an ego of a Genius.

It is too simple to say I'm megalomaniac. Madonna was too much and Bowie and others too.

So don't talk me bullshit : I cannot stand it anymore.

Give me the means to success and I will do the job. Nothing else to say tonight.