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Things not to be said aloud


The thing I really appreciate about Madonna is her ability not to be afraid to tell about things that matter. She was not afraid to question faith and racialism in Like a Prayer, she was not afraid to question sex in Erotica, she wasn’t afraid to question emotions in Something to Remember, she wasn't afraid to question war and politics in American Life, she wasn't afraid to question herself in all of her songs.


Madonna is just not afraid to ask WHY?


Madonna is what I call an activist artist, in the supreme meaning of this term. Only Marilyn Manson and Trent Reznor can be compared to her. A real artist has to be concerned with issues considered repelling and dangerous by others and that’s what I am trying to do both in my books and in my statements. I have not chosen my condition, I would have probably preferred to stay in the best of all worlds possible but as a “fag”, a “wog” and a “genius”, I am faced to fight prejudice and ignorance.


There’s something I think interesting in La Vey’s writings ; the idea of becoming his own god, beyond all cults. That does not mean that I found my artistic approach on blasphemy but the “correctly political” world in which we live is shocked by anyone who tries to express his ideas as soon as they differ from those of the establishment. He is often refered as a sick and ill person, mentally-deranged although he speaks the truth.


De Sade, Wilde have suffered from the bigotry and the hypocrisy of so-called moralists, the first because he was trying to write what he wanted, was considered as a deviant, the second because he was gay in a puritan England went to jail.


As for me, being androphile and a wog only led me on the path to misery, because Whities cannot accept that I’m much more brilliant than them, when the Arab world, of which I have never been part, condemn me as a libertine, a fasiq as they say. I have always considered myself an atheist.


In Paris, the color of my skin has made me an eternal foreigner. Strangers there adopt the racialism of the upper-class and the Portuguese will express ideas of the most extreme-right wing when Africans will see in every man of Arabic descent a torturer. There is no place for tolerance and I am not looking for any political commitment.