Woman is evil made flesh

I do not believe that women bring life into this world, they are usually compelled to do harm to the weak and the poor, because of a lust for power and lechery.

They are never true and faithful, they betray and are ready to fuck their way up. My life is an exemple of what women are able to do to succeed.

Most of them abuse their own children when others are adders, hypocritical, vain and without any sense of sympathy. A woman only has one purpose: money and they can commit murder if it is needed.

Being gay made me an object of any kind of sarcasm: if you are not seduced by their charm, women think of you as an object of contempt, you become a pervert and a debauchee.


Because women will speak of morals and cannot envision how shallow and fake they are.

In my inner self, I think that only a father can truly love and this is what I'm looking for when I fall in love.

My Significant Other may be young, he shall have the rightness of the Christ, a love so intense I can forget evil of humankind.

Brahim Megherbi / Brian Vane / S.E.B