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As an artist living in Paris, i am pissed off with bourgeois mentality. It's hypocritical, racist and xenophobic.

I have been too kind till today but I ve decided to rebel against that system and I know what those stupid, narrow-minded jerks  will think : another wog who pretends to be a victim.

But like Madonna, I just don't care about what they say : I am miles away from their bigotry and corruption. 

I've gratuated from the University of Big Fuck and that's all I have to say to me foes.

If you want to judge me, the first thing you have to do is to read my books.

But do you ever read a Book?

Are you really educated although you pretend to be Intellectuals?

Read or smash your head against the wall, i have no other advice to give you.


Brahim Megherbi

Writer and Artist

Martyrized by French society

because he was a fairy,

because he was a wog.