Every morning they look at you

They seem so bright they are so fine

Every mourning means another fine

They sneer at you they despise you


Suicide is the only cure

young again you are so pure

You forget about things

You will join our kings


The last day was like yesterday

I remember and I will cry

I seize the day I catch the blade 

My blood runs and I can smile


Suicide is the only cure

Young again you feel so pure

Forget about things

And you will join the kings


In the service of death tonight

The mermaid she wants me to dive

In the bottomless pit of hell that's right

I realize I can't escape I'm trapped 


Suicide the only cure

Young again am I so pure

I forget about things

I'm gonna join the kings.


And you could be with me

If you're sick.


Brian Vane,

The Artist formerly known as Brahim Megherbi 

June 2020