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Dope show

It's a statement about getting to Hollywood.

You do what you are told, you become a star for one day, you shine juste for one moment and then become garbage tomorrow.

As long as you are pushing the envelope for your boss, you serve, as long as you are an obedient slave, you can stay but sooner or later the boss will find another sucker who will go for more, push the envelope harder and sell himself out for fame just better than you can do and you will be replaced with the new star.

Any favorite star sucked a dick for fame and caught the covers. The masses follow and cling to that shameless sellout idol, imitating and adoring, making the masses the lowest form of  puppets who follow shamelessness.

Hence, "We're all in the dope show".

As long as you follow a star and the shit they feed you, you're following the shit they've been fed from their masters to harvest  human shit bags who are shallow enough to take the bait and follow its corrupted cultural indoctrination operating and help cultivate it.

All of us are followers in the dope show.

"The Dope Show", rather than referring to drug usage in general, is the show of the media and the star system. That which is shown is not the truth, but rather, a "doped-up" version of the truth.

The video "Dope show"is more instrumental in expressing this idea.

Marilyn Manson is changed from a sexless, formless innocent being into what the media would like him to be (the semblance of a pop star).

The pop star irony is a central theme to Mechanical Animals.

The music industry tries to mold the star into what they want him to be, so they could get money off of him, and then just throw him away when they don't need him anymore, hence the line, "They love you when you're on all the covers, when you're not then they love another."

The media wants everything to be perfect with the world, but it's not, so they  make the stars as flawless as possible regardless of the harm they do to them or the psyche of the people they're presented to.

People should start standing up and saying "I am who I am, and if you don't like it, bite me."

We're in a sleep show. The drug is hypnosis, we are fed mental garbage that we love to eat because it is sweet on the outside but we rarely see the poison on the inside.

Our condition from this hypnosis is that "we love in vain, narcissistic and so shallow" which means we are effected by the dope show and a part of it, wandering aimlessly to the beat of ever-changing, toxic, self centered and self seeking egotistical formless fads.

"Hate today, no love for tomorrow", describes a perfect relation to the "formless, chaotic" evil wheel that never stops spinning.

The narcissistic need for the constant supply of what feeds egocentricity and desperate reliance and faith in popular culture cause the dope show to persist.

There's no love : we constantly consume and replace while everyone's being bought and sold in the trance dance, hypnotized.

A dope show used to be a traveling freakshow. Stars are paraded around like freaks on TV and we have to know all about their personal life.

"To swim you have to swollow"  refers to a sexual act and how people get what they want by sex.

But there's another interpretation.

One cannot survive in society without it influencing who we are and having it become a part of us. Those who come out on top in society find over and over the worthlessness of their ability to manipulate one another.

Those who use are used.