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Fuck it!

It's a new song about oppression of the weak and a call to roll up our sleeves to fight it.


Jesus was a nigga 

And jesus was a scapegoat

Mandela and me myself I too

They drank wine from his head

And they wrote death on my chest

Be weak and you'll be fucked

Be stubborn, you ll be blessed

They hate you at home

They hit you at school

They want you to break down

And make gold of your corpse


Hey hey hey fuck it!

They can beg they will argue

That they are right that I'm wrong

Fuck off


I can't believe in those ones

Who don't believe in me

Now it's your turn to see

What I always hated 'bout 'em


Jesus was a nice bloke

And Jesus was the black sheep

The mahatma Gandhi and me too

They ate his flesh and threw up

They hated me since I was born

Nothing ever comes from shit

I can't believe in morons

Who always thought I was a crap

Now it's your turn to see

That I can beat'em all to death


Jesus was innocence

So many killed and me myself I too

They turned Christ into an idol

Slaughter for him and called him money

Oh so much the value of a whitey

And so little mine cuz I am a wog

I m a fairy and an abortion too

A nobody a never will be but I say


Hey hey hey fuck it!