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Gay dictionary

Living in Paris, France, I have written two books on male homosexual sociolects.

But now, my desire is to write about it in English because only an international language can make this kind of work understood all around the world.

I invite gay speakers whatever their mother tongue to submit words and phrases in local gay lingo.

The question of gay lingo comes to the foreground at those times of uncertainty, as a form of cultural resistance to globalization and nationalism.

The gay cultures oppose the populist politics aimed at the erasure of marginal groups.
The culture war rages within gay communities themselves.

The  internationalist and local gay cultures struggle against a conservative gay culture eager to form alliances with nationalist parties.

In this cultural situation, the project Gay Dictionary (Slang and Lingo) proposes a vision of international and non-hierarchical gay cultures.

It will be a collection of words and phrases from gay words and phrases from all around the world.

This dictionary proposes the concept of a gay language of “internationalist universality” as opposed to neoliberal globalization.

Call for Participation

Gay speakers are invited to submit words and phrases with a definition and English translation not exceeding 200 words per definition to this email :

There is no limit on how many words one can submit.

Limits are not gay, gay culture is above all limits.



Brahim Megherbi