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Here is Myriam who pretended to be my friend. She has decided not to stop bitching about me now.

I think that the goal of her career, which only lasted six minutes, thanks to Christophe Gance,  is to attract attention by trying to humiliate others in the mundane world. 

It was the least noble choice she could have made as an adult. 

Is she jealous of my charm and of my talent? Maybe she doesn't find herself very attractive, unless she's worried that I'm funnier, less haughty, and more socializing than her.

I really appreciate Christophe's films whom I have discovered watching Crying Freeman. 

I belong to the manga generation and I have studied Japanese, which is not her case.

Moreover I have written a book about Voodoo and Christophe could be interested in but that girl stole it.  

She also stole my Guerlain lipstick. 

What a deceiptive woman!