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Like the French politician Julien Odoul, younger, I have played  completely naked in a short movie shot for the University of Paris VII.

It has been shown at a festival directed by Hervé Joubert-Laurencin, University teacher, and specialist of Pasolini.

People reacted very violently and yet, it was shot in sepia.

Yes, I was naked at the end but it was a pagan ritual in the spirit of the Faun of Nijinski which ends with a scene of masturbation.

I realized that when caucasian people do something, they are protected but because I was a WOG, I was abused and attacked.

This is what is called freedom of expression in France.

I had written the screenplay and I had directed the movie, so I complety assume my nakedness and I have to say that I find myself charming, cute and sexy.

If I had to do it another time, I will do it because the male body is not shameful. 

Paris is a hypocritical city and my movie was not porn, it was erotic. Just like Madonna video Erotica.

That's the reason why I will put it online.

The opinion of my fans is much more important than the opinion of bigots and morons.

Be sure to be informed when it will be on the Net.

A few small-minded bigots have destroyed the good image of Paris.

S.E.B, the artist formerly known as Brahim Megherbi