Online diary

I met a lot of different people all my lifelong.

Even the beautiful are frightening, they can kill with a smile  and that is quite terrible. Hervé Joubert-Laurencin was one of them. He used me till I broke down. He could not admit that I was talented and clever. He thought that I was a toy-boy only because I was young and cute. He never gave me any chance to be me, or even just a fucking chance just to be. Only the rich and famous did interest him, and as I was poor and a wog, he did not have any good feeling towards me. He wanted me to have an errand life, like a Rom. He couldn’t imagin that I will write and tell the whole world the sufferings that I had known. Just because I was not white. That's the real problem of French bourgeoisie: they are xenophobic. French condemn the USA for the way they handle with Afro-Americans but they do not want to be judged for their racial segregation. It comes from their colonialist past, and French people are real motherfuckers, I dare to say it, when they see people of Algerian descent. They cannot forget that they have lost the war and they still consider Algerian men as shit or crap. I probably use very strong words but this is the reality yet. I can testify for it. 

I have been tortured, martyrized, beaten 'cause of my origins. Even if anthropologists state that races do not exist, for every French person, whatever his political opinion, races are a valid data. It is such a shame in this so-called country of human rights. French people cheat, ignore the laws or forget them when it handles with their mean, petit-bourgeois interests. And there is no greater city of social hypocrisie as Paris, it is the city of cruelty, debauchery, arrogance. Parisian women have problems of weight and they always were jealous at me. Men are selfish, without any sense of judgement and very often they marry a grue who only has one goal : to use their money and divorce. 

Paris homosexual world is a perverted place by money and lechery, men fuck with each other like animals, till the point of urinating, trampling or smelling bad odours and then they act as bitches.