Some love

Some love

You want some love today

So you'd better loathe me

I wanna be

Your Anarchist Superstar

Shoot shoot me


Listen to your heart

It’s broken and repaired

It will never bleed again


And I see all the people

The strange, scary people

Looking at me

I’m tired of living

would death be ecstacy ?


I could make my Wilde mutation

As an Anarchist superstar


Can you believe it?

Have you heard of it?

I’d like to use myself up

And make my tears yours

But who knows?

Not me

I ain’t gonna lose control

And I’m faced

Quite faced

To my fate and my fans call me a whore


I’m gonna challenge the world

And maybe make of u someone else

I hope it’s true, guy

I’d like to change the world


I saw people like rattlesnakes

And I did not know who they were

Tied to that Cross I won’t go anywhere

There’s so many things to do when you’re a youth

Open my mouth and see it bleeding

I’ve hurt myself just to loathe you