Death at least (song)

All I wanted

All I dreamt of

Was to die




I asked for help

It never came

Maybe I'm mad

Already dead



It's the end of this world

The dawn of the dead

There are things 

We cannot change 


No absolute


My Ideal

My idole

My prince

Never wanted me


Never will I be deflowered 

I will die a virgin


Thought of

As a whore


I would be in your arms

Feel your burning sex in me

Come closer it's a day-dream


I die unloved, untouched 

Bloody, tainted rose

My desire cannot be fulfilled

Cause they say it's impure


Alas my man

Alas male-whore

I would not taste 

Thy tender fruit

Thy golden hairs

I would not seize

For Thy blue gaze

I'm already gone



Colours of mushroom


Carcass of mine

I want to end

With all of this

Pierce my skin

Let my blood runs


It's so surreal ...