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Forgive me

Mother, I want to fuck you

Father, I want to kill you

You brought me to this life

To suffer yeah and to loathe you


You're not that innocent

I've become the monster

You've dreamt of, the one you fear

Not a man, nor a human 


I've lost my friends, lost even love

To become a pop prostitute

I've sold my soul, traded my faith

For dollar bucks, for fame and for sex


They all jerk off my lovers 

Visit me for a blow-job, a hand-job

I swallow and I masturbe

I'm a gypsy, an acid queen


All the sluts hate me, damn

All the fags open their eyes


Tight ass-holes open up

I can fist, I can obey

And I piss if it's needed

And I kiss if I'm paid


No poetry, it's old-fashioned

No disgust, it can shock

Sex makes the world go round


The more I throw up

The more they love it




No, I'm not one of them

I am just a little boy

Playin' the sadist king