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Miss Starry Night (New song)

From a long, long time ago

I have still the memory

When my teacher

Used to make me dream

And i hoped that 

some day would come

I would have my chance

And i would have my fans

And they would be so wild


Did you read the Book of Law

And will you have faith in Nuit above

If the magus will tell you so ?

I do believe in industrial

Music will be my lethal drug

And noone can teach me 

How to feel real good 


Well, you know I've been in love with him

Cuz I thought he was the good guy for me

But he did abuse me, that crap

O Sista, i will never trust again


I was a lonely teenage suffer-genius

With the bad carnation and a wog I was

And I knew that my life was fucked-up

The day I was born


I started dying

I started dying


Twinkle, twinkle little star


I went to church but it was in vain

So I turned to the other side

Some old friends were drinkin' 

Absinth and wine

Forget about love

Forget about life

The day of the fallen star


A woman screamed an Eagles' song

It was not death metal

It was about rehab

She gave me pills 

My head broke down

I couldn't find the passage back

Where I belonged years before

My head grew heavy I became ill


In the streets refugees screamed

My love was gone

As a poet I was dead

And not a holy verse was muttered

My wrist by my father was broken

And Wilde and Sade suffered the same

Skid row, the jail and the contempt

Of every so-called good person

The day of the fallen star


I started dying

I started dying


Forced to work with a wacko

I still dream of San Francisco

I would be at my place there

Far from Paris, the modern marsh

I sold drugs near Barbès

I gave head not to die

I wanted to vomit

But I met an unexpected Friend


Twinkle, Twinkle little star


I started dying

I started dying


Brian Vane (the artist formerly known as Brahim Megherbi)

All rights reserved - 2020