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NRV (To RV) !


I love myself

I want you to loathe me

When I feel bad

I'd like you to kiss me

I hurt myself

I hope I could repair

Forgive me

I done this

To forget you


I touch myself

Try to restrain me

No one is here for me

I think I will break down

Forgive me

I never wanted this

When I see you

It's my own self

That disappears


Wanted to cherish you

Waisted my time to obey

You never would be mine


I touch myself

I do drugs and alcohol

Hidden in the rabbit hole

I m so naturally unkind

You re so profundly vain

Hope you could understand


You're the master I'm the slave

You're the boss I'm so shy

I break down you smile

And I touch myself

I touch myself


Mental masturbation

Weird disintegration

You touch your third eye

And see me behind you

Think you could rule

If I was to obey you

Any dope could see

That I am fond of you

And if you go down on me

I may be turning blue