The rise and fall of Brian Vane


Hello the Kids,

Shub-Niggurath's speaking

Je n'aurais cessé d'en parler sur ce site.

J'écris des chansons et je viens de terminer l'écriture des textes de mon album The rise and fall of Brian Vane.

Il s'agit d'un concept-album qui raconte la déchéance de Brian Vane, un ange tombé des cieux et condamné à errer sur terre parmi les marginaux. 

En primeur, le track-listing complet :

1.      Intro

2.      The samba

3.      Take Me

4.      Dans la rue (In da street)

5.      Fearsome

6.      The Fall

7.      The Gods of Love

8.      Today

9.      Challenge

10.    Changes

11.    A little story

12.    Tell me

13.    Use you

14.    Bonus-track


La chanson bonus est une reprise de Touch myself du groupe australien Divinyls.


Chanson 1 Intro

And all the young dudes kept swinging

And all the young girls get singing

Give us a toy-boy and we’ll love him

Give us  a toy-boy and we’ll love him


I saw an angel falling

Blood on his wings

The earth was dying

It was the last day of the world

And all the records were sold


Hi, my name is Vane, Brian Vane

(Louis, Louis Saifer)

But you must know it by heart

(Louis, Louis Saifer)

Don’t let your father keep you at home

Come with us for we’re gonna dance


Chanson 2 The samba

The samba they did play

Exotic and sometimes

The rhythm of the day

It got them oh that wild

And if I had my chance

I would make them dance

And maybe for a while

They could be oh that wild


Then came a little girl

With a book by Wilde

And if I had my chance

I would invite her to dance

And maybe for a while

She could be oh that wild


A whirlwind of stars

When the moon shines

Like a sickle

And the hammer is given

To the Commies

They said what?

That my God was black

But theirs he won’t come back


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